Why has my order not arrived yet?

For Custom Orders

A regular order is processed within 10 business days of confirmation/payment. So if you have placed an order but have not paid for it, it is not sent to production.

If you have already paid for an order, the following may be reasons for delays:

Poor Graphics
Many orders arrive with images that are not large enough to print. It is time-consuming to obtain/design better graphics for the order. If you would like to speed up this process, please ensure that your graphics are of high-quality (in at least 200 ppi) and that the images are as large as they would be if printed on real clothing (which they will be!). Please see Artwork Requirements for details on graphics.

Product Choice
There are some products that we cannot guarantee timely delivery on, such as all American Apparel products. This is indicated on the Custom Order site. If you select one of these products, please be prepared for delays in production.

Amount of Work

Most orders don’t require a great deal of work. But if you order a product with screen printing in multiple colours and on multiple locations, embroidery, and custom names, it is more time consuming to process. Orders that have more work involved may experience delays.

For time-sensitive orders, please provide advance notice for what date you need them by so we can prioritize them for you. We try our best to have your custom orders ready in time. You can help us by placing and paying for your orders well in advance and submitting high-quality graphics.


For gift shop orders, please see: Why has my order not arrived yet?

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