04. Placing your Design (for Embroidery)

After you upload your design, you have the option to have it screen printed or embroidered. If you select the embroidery option, you see the following screen:

The price of your product varies based on the size of embroidery you select. In this case, the design will be embroidered at 4x4” on the left side of the chest:

Once you are certain of the size, you can click “SPLASH!” to place it on your product. If, after clicking “SPLASH!”, you feel like you made a mistake regarding your embroidery size, you should upload your image again to correct it.

Once you SPLASH your image, you will see it on the screen:

Feel free to position the image how you like using the four tools:

 - Click and drag this button at the top left of your embroidery box to drag it anywhere on the screen. Within the embroidery box, you can click and drag this icon to move your design around.

 - Click and drag this button at the bottom right of your design to change its size within the embroidery box.

 - Click and drag this button at the top right of your embroidery box to rotate it left or right

 - Click this button at the bottom left of your embroidery box to delete it from the screen

Please place your design on the product appropriately to make the red warning disappear. You can add additional designs to other sides of your product if you like or add custom names/numbers. If you are ready to place your order, please see:

06. Submitting Your Order

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