Artwork Requirements

Image Size and Quality

When submitting your custom design, please make sure the image is of good quality (at least 200 ppi) and looks good at the actual size you want it. For example, while this image looks good when it’s small in the Design Lab, it looks poor when blown up for an actual shirt:

If available, please attach the source files (.ai, .psd, .pdf, .eps, and/or .jpg) by clicking the link beneath the upload link:

A good quality image will speed up the process on our end!


Design Colours

With traditional screen printing and embroidery, there is a limit to the number colours we can put on your product. We cannot use these methods to reproduce photographs. When submitting your design, please ensure that your graphics do not have too many colours. Also, please note that separate shades count as separate colours.

We want to be able to reproduce your design as accurately as possible. When placing your order, please indicate (in the notes section at checkout) what colours you want your design printed/embroidered in.


For help on uploading your design, please see 02. Uploading your Design

To know why your order has not been approved, please see Why Hasn't My Order Been Approved?


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