Creating an Online Profile

To create your online profile, click ‘Login’ near the top right of your school’s custom orders home page:

This will open up a dialogue box prompting you to log in:

To create a new profile, follow the ‘Register’ link near the bottom left of the box. This will take you to the registration form:

Simply enter your email address and choose a password and hit ‘Register’. You will receive a confirmation email with the next steps:

Follow the link in the email to activate your account. Once logged in, you can view your profile’s details by following the link at the top right of your school’s Custom Orders homepage:

Once logged in, you can view your orders, change your password, and add in your contact information:

You can select ‘Click here to view your orders’ to see the status of all of your orders:

By selecting an order, you can see all of its details:

And if your school has the option enabled, you can pay for your order online:

If you haven’t placed any orders yet, check out How to Place an Order now!

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