05. Adding Custom Names/Numbers

After you place your design for screen printing or embroidery, you have the option to add custom names/numbers. If you want each of your product to feature a custom name or number, you can select the custom name tab in the top left corner of the Design Lab:

Spreadsheet – Column 1

Before placing a custom name/number order, you must create a spreadsheet with the necessary information. This requires you to have spreadsheet software. If you do not have spreadsheet software, you may create a text file, but please ensure it is legible and organized.

Your spreadsheet should include a title row plus a row for each item in the order. For example, if your order consists of 12 shirts, your spreadsheet should have 13 rows.

Please title your first column “Size”. For each row in this column, please indicate the size of the item you are customizing. It is preferable that you list each item by size from smallest to largest. For example, if you are ordering 4 small shirts, 5 medium shirts, and 3 large shirts, please label the first four rows “small”, the next five “medium”, and the last three “large”. Here is a sample of what the first few rows of this column should look like:

Note: The sizes listed in your spreadsheet must match the sizes noted in your order. For example, if your spreadsheet has indicated 4 smalls, but your order only notes 3 smalls, there will be delays in processing your order.

Spreadsheet – Column 2

Once you have indicated the sizes for all of your items, you can add customization details in the second column. Based on your product, you may have some of the following options for custom names or numbers:

Custom names and numbers can be heat-sealed on the back of shirts. These are available in a set size and font (High School USA). When you select either of these options in the Design Lab, they will appear on the back of your preview:

Custom names can also be embroidered on the sleeves of some items. Selecting this option will display a preview on the selected sleeve:

To remove a custom name or number, simply select it and select the delete icon at the bottom left corner:

Currently, custom names and numbers on the back of the shirt are only available in black or white. You can select which colour you want at the bottom left of the Custom Names tab and the preview will automatically update.

If you are requesting a name on the back, please title the second column “Name (on back)”. If you are requesting a name on a left/right sleeve, please title the column “Name (on left/right)”. If you are requesting a number on the back, please title the column “Number (on back)”. Here is an example with a name on the sleeve:

Note: If you are requesting both a name and number on your garment, this spreadsheet will have 3 columns. If you are requesting either a name or number, it will only have two.

Once your spreadsheet is complete, you may add any notes or styles in the file to enhance our understanding. Please ensure its maximum size is 1MB. Also, please note that we only accept .xls, .xsls, and .txt filenames.

Uploading Your Spreadsheet

Once you have indicated your location and colour for your custom names/numbers, you can click on “UPLOAD CUSTOM NAMES/NUMBER”:

Upon clicking this button, the following screen should pop up:

Please select the “Choose File” button (highlighted above) to browse for and upload your file. Please ensure that the file format is .xls, .xlsx, or .txt and that the maximum file size is 1MB.

 Once you have finalized the position and colour of your custom names/numbers and have uploaded the necessary information, you can move on to:

06. Submitting your Order

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