Why hasn't my order been approved?

For custom orders, your organization/school shop is responsible for approving your orders. Reasons your order may be pending approval include:

Image Standards

Your design may not match standards set by your organization/school. You would be contacted by your organization/school shop if this is the case.

Image Quality

We might not be able to print or embroider your design if it has too many colours/shades or if it is of too low quality. We may contact you directly if this is the case. For details on submitting the correct image, please see Artwork Requirements.

Order Placed Incorrectly

For screen printing, the number of colours in your order may not match your design. Or perhaps the placement of your design on your product is not doable. Maybe your custom name/number details in your spreadsheet do not match your size/quantity details in your order. For any of these reasons, we may contact you directly. For details on how to place an order correctly, please see the Design Lab Tutorial.

If you have been waiting for an update and still do not know why your order has not been approved, please contact your organization/school shop. If you do not receive a response from them, please contact us.

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